Taste the Autumn
I have to confess that autumn is my favorite season when it comes to culinary matters. During the
first weeks of this season the real protagonists are the products coming from the end of summer
and beginning of autumn (red peppers, eggplants, grapes, bonito, apples, beach squid or red
As the season advances, leeks, pumpkins and the first mushrooms gain presence in the market
stalls. But it is undoubtedly from November onwards that autumn shows all its richness: sweet
potatoes, citrus fruits, quinces and above all the fruits of the forest: nuts, chestnuts and game
warn us that autumn is in full swing.
The tasting menu may vary depending on the seasonality of the product.

Autumn Experience Menu (80€)
The experience menu begins at the kitchen table with chef Xabi Bonilla, and a welcome glass of cava.

1)Idiazabal cheese stone
2)Lettuce hearts with cured anchovies and sundried tomato tapenade.
3)Cod and pumpkin fritters.
4) Piquillo peppers stuffed with homemade paté and bell pepper jam.
1-Tuna cured with mojo picón sauce, pickles and olives.
2-Artichokes confit, trumpets of death mushrooms, black garlic romesco sauce and cured yolk.
3-Potato ravioli filled with shiitake and enochi mushrooms, yellowfoot mushrooms and truffle
4-Scallop and black bull with “plankton risotto”.
5-Smoked lamb with Tudela chicory and aromatic herbs pesto.
1-My version of apple pie
2-Chestnut mousse with berry infusion, red fruits and coffee grounds.
3-Lentils with chocolate


Santa Rita Menu (60€)

5 Dishes+ 2 Desserts
Check the dishes in the Tasting menu.

Timetable: Tuesday to Saturday 21h

Food options: Vegetarians, flexitarian.
Intolerances: Communicate any food intolerance on our reservation system.