Tasting menu Experience (80€)

The experience menu starts at the kitchen table next to Chef Xabi Bonilla, with a wellcome glasses of champagne and

4 surpreise appetizers


1-Cured Bonito, mojo picon sauce and pickles.

2-Artichokes, trumpets of death (wild mushrooms) egg yolk in soy sauce and avocado and herb mojo.

3-Potato ravioli stuffed with mushrooms and truffle mayonnaise.

4-Scallop and black bull with orzo and plankton risotto.

5-Lamb in textures with fennel pesto of aromatic herbs.


1-My version of apple pie.

2-Dessert of walnuts and carob in textures.

3- lentils with chocolate

Timetable: Tuesday from Saturday at 20:30 h


Santa Rita Menu (60€)

5 Dishes+ 2 Desserts
Check the dishes in the Tasting menu.

Timetable: Tuesday to Saturday 21h

Food options: Vegetarians, flexitarian.
Intolerances: Communicate any food intolerance on our reservation system.