Xabi Bonilla

My name is Xabi Bonilla and, as a “good Donostiarra” I am a chef by profession and vocation. Everything began in the kitchen of my “amatxo”, from which I gave the leap to Barcelona, ​​where I live and have developed most of my professional life.

During my first years I was a restaurant cook, always with a good kitchen and, even, with a Michelin Star. But if there is a city that allows you to reinvent yourself and innovate, that is Barcelona. I have participated in artistic projects, I have been a TV chef (TV L’Hospitalet), I have taught cooking courses in various civic centers and I have advised gastronomically other restaurants.

But if I’ve been known for 8 years, it’s because I’m the “cook in house slippers” at Santa Rita Experience. I began to organize private dinners in my own home, in a very personal project that allowed me to do what I had always wanted, to cook as I did with my mother, with my soul, and that ended up becoming one of the first references of the Supper Club scene in Barcelona. A more intimate and close experience of enjoying the gastronomy that, now, has been reinvented and “sal-pimentada” in our new premises.


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