Is there a place as intimate as the soul of a cook?

Yes, his kitchen.

Because the kitchen is the most intimate and at the same time most shared place in a home, the place where life is made or dreams are nourished, the space reserved only for those at home.

After more than 8 years doing thematic dinners and gastronomic courses in my own home, I wanted to move Santa Rita Experience to a new place even more intimate and personal: my kitchen.

A diaphanous space, elegant and cozy, without barriers or walls that separate the kitchen from the living room, since I understand gastronomy as a meeting point and never as separation and rupture.

That’s why I invite my guests to move freely through the kitchen, to interact with me and even to participate in the preparation of the dish they will later enjoy.

Enjoy a haute cuisine experience and maximum respect for a quality and seasonal product, with the comfort and familiarity of being at home.